HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast – 110 – Fire and Blood

Welcome to our coverage of the final episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones series, “Fire and Blood”.  This episode provides a bit of both substances.  We talk about the surprising success of Dany’s little ritual, a shockingly spry Grand Maester, the promise of an epic ranging of the Night’s Watch, and Robb being proclaimed DA KING IN DA NORFFF!! by his loyal bannermen.  Not to mention tons of feedback, and our spoiler section safely tucked at the end of our podcast to avoid the ruination of future episodes for the first time fans.  Please enjoy, and be back here for our final Game of Thrones podcast for 2016, the season one wrap-up.

If you are interested in the radio interview A.Ron references on the podcast, you can find it here.

Spoiler section fans, if you’re new to our podcast and want to catch up?  Here’s a Tinfoil SpoiLore archive of previous podcasts by topic. Each link has a time code listed so you can jump right to the tinfoil topic of the week for your convenience and listening pleasure

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