Breaking Good – Stripping Down

Welcome to the first episode of Breaking Good, the officially unofficial podcast of the phenomenal AMC original drama series, Breaking Bad. We are psyched that season four is less than two weeks away, and recorded a very brief cast to explain who we are, what we’re up to, and what you can expect going forward with us. We also break down the latest trailers and teaser images released to date.

Our posting schedule: Sunday night; A.Ron and Jim’s “insta-take”, posts on the website with a link to our forums where you can discuss the latest episode with fellow fans. Tuesday morning, the podcast will release, with our breakdown and analysis of the episode, show news, listener feedback, and anything else relevant to Breaking Bad. Throughout the week, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get any breaking (Bad) news and stay up to date with our posts and other content.

Hope you enjoy this brief intro, and see you NEXT Tuesday, for our “Breaking Bad Predictions” cast! If you’d like, mail us your predictions to go on record so your super-genius intellect and/or psychic powers can be properly acclaimed. See you soon!

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