TAPS – EP.6 Revenge of a 1000 penises!

Hey everybody hope everyone had good holiday. JHatt and Jazzy shoot there fireworks right at you as they light this episode up. Jazzy tells a tale from the past that unlocks the secret of why he fears the 4th of July. Meanwhile JHatt brings his gripes this time about the good the bad and the shitty of being on the adult side of buying fireworks.

Entertainment News

As always the boys bring you the latest an greatest in entertainment news. Could a possible road trip be in the future? Find out how  you can get a chance to road trip with the boys to  be in the new Superman movie. JHatt and Jazzy breakdown half naked dudes in the discussion of the new 300 movie. Haley Joel Osmont is back and in a new movie and the boys get over there fear of seeing dead people to tell you what it is. Will Anne Hathaway be the familiar sex kitten were used to in the Dark Knight Rises??? Tune in to find out more.


Move Reviews

Transformers 2 –  JHatt tells’ you why it is officially time for Michael Bay to stop making movies.

DVD/ Blu Ray Review

Sucker Punch – Did JHatt like it as much and should you go check it out? Your damn Skippy!

Comics Review

The boys at Image comics are back working together with there new universe wide crossover book Image United.  Were they  able to catch lighting in a bottle again like they  did back in the 90’s? You are just going to have to listen to find out!


Come on you know you want to listen with a title like this! You want the best you got the best this is The Amazingly Pulp Show!