Breaking Good – Breaking Bad Season 4 Promos

July 17th is coming quick!  Our podcast will be launching Tuesday, July 5th, but between now and then, there will be a lot to follow and discuss.  AMC has released a lot of really awesome posters, images, and trailers for season four of Breaking Bad in the past two weeks.  First, check this badass version of Walt…

Wow.  We’ve come a long way since this, huh?


In fact, with Walt and Jessie both killers now, and Skylar probably becoming more involved in the family business, I think the show is going to go even further down the path of darkness this season.  The following photos illustrate this.  Did you ever think Jessie Pinkman would look badass?  How about Mrs. White?  Let’s do a comparison.

Jesse then:

…vs Jesse now:

Quite the contrast, no?

Skyler then:

…vs Skyler now:

That is one flinty ice queen running the car wash, folks.  Eyebrows is OUT!  Finally, this last one hints at things to come…

You didn’t think Gus was just going to let last season’s climax go without comment, did you?  Remember, the cast starts July 5th!  I’ll be covering the official Season Four trailer a bit later today.  Got something you want to say?  Tell us about it, or better yet, take it to the forums.