Blue Yonder – Well Lubricated – Episode 43

You know, sometimes your hosts feel like they really banged out a terrific episode… and then other times the best we can say is that the data we uploaded to the old bald computer conforms to the MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3 format. Which kind of episode is this? Well, let’s just say that there exists an optimum amount of alcohol involved in podcasting, and the right ratio is hard to quantify at times. Our old buddy Jim might have crossed the line in this one, but I try my best to keep things professional. Even when he got a bit fresh and grabby at that one point. Hand me that doll, so I can show you where he touched me. I assure you, they were all bad places, very bad indeed.

“Dear god,” you ask, with a bit more dramatic flair than is probably appropriate, “what do I have in store for me this week?” I reply thusly: a raid report from our invasion of Unwarranted Self Importants‘ live podcast, Steam woes, a change in living conditions, depressing Park Rangers, the challenge of Wiki Hunt!, Solar Sails, Breaking Bad, MacGyver memories, and of course, your latest dose of Two Minutes Hate.

Program note: We are in a bit of flux with the equipment since we are halfway between the Bald Cave and the new Bald Tower, and for whatever reason my audio was a bit off. We should return to form next week. Thanks for listening!