Blue Yonder – Tron: Legacy review – BONUS Cast

Hey guys, a bit of fresh content for your ear holes this fine post-xmas day. The entire Blue Yonder gang (including Peter!!) took in Tron:Legacy in mind-fucking IMAX3DOMFG-o-vision, and immediately returned to the newly christened (we all just peed in a corner and called it good) Bald Tower to talk about it. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there were some sound issues to overcome in the newly christened Bald Tower and poor old Tron Bonus Cast took the brunt of it.

But, hell, it’s bonus, and that’s better than nothing, right? Right? Right. Get it while it’s hot. Remember, you have to be a registered member of our forums to access bonus content.

Keep your ears peeled for another bonus cast due out this week; Jim and I doubling up on a review of True Grit.