Bald Move Prestige – Zulu (1964)

Special thanks to Glenn Seubert for commissioning this podcast on the 1964 British film “Zulu”.  Directed by Cy Endfield and starring Stanley Baker and a very young Michael Caine, it depicts a fictionalized version of a real life stand off between 100 British soldiers and 4,000 Zulu warriors in the battle for South Africa.  The film is gorgeous in it’s look and especially color palette, and the lead performances by Baker and Caine are interesting as two soldiers vying for power and making tough decisions under an extremely daunting challenge. We both cry out for more cultural and historical context for this film, and while Jim had problems with some aspects of the film being dated, I enjoyed it for the throw back to a classic age of cinema that it is.

Thanks again, Glenn, we really appreciate your support and sharing a beloved classic with us.  If you’d like to commission your very own podcast, please head over to the shop and find out how!

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