Bald Move Prestige – JFK (1991)

a weird duck. In our opinion, the movie is a work of pure flimflam. However, it’s also one of my favorite movies to watch, because it’s a really well done, and interesting piece of flim-flam that belies it’s crazy long run time and features Oliver Stone using every last ounce of his considerable film-making skill to confuse, beguile and bedazzle his audience. This movie is so star studded that few films are capable of approaching it on acting wattage alone. The sound track by John Williams hits all the right notes, from sweaty, cigarette-hazed and mentally crazed late night conspiracy theories to soaring patriotic hymns. Aside from it being, you know, mostly fiction, we’re also uncomfortable with the Grand Gay Conspiracy angle that’s being pushed. But it also sparks a lot of conversation about conspiracies in general, America’s uncomfortable relationship with Vietnam and the truth, and just why the hell is material related to the JFK assassination still classified, anyway?

Thanks again to Sean Ray, for this and his many other commissions. We appreciate your incredibly generous support, Sean! If you want to get a pretty good introductory debunking of much of the material from Stone’s JFK, these two webpages are decent starts:

But, as with everything, we encourage all to examine both sides thoroughly and come up with your own conclusions.

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