Who Won the Week?! Round 7

Jim and I discuss who won the week! A short week, as Better Call Saul took it’s ball and went home for Memorial Day, but Fargo and The Leftovers really came strong. Will Fargo have enough stuff to overcome the excitement of The Leftovers’ penultimate episode? Then we talk about Silicon Valley (00:05:12 ) and T.J. Miller’s career prospects for a bit before signing off.

Who Won the Week?! – Round 6

You know the drill.  Three shows enter, (HBO’s The Leftovers, FX’s Fargo, and AMC’s Better Call Saul) one show makes it out wearing the crown, taking the gold, hoisting the belt, etc.  Another tough week with some epic losses of great characters on multiple shows.  The big question on our minds; can anyone stop The Leftovers in their final two weeks?

Who Won the Week?! Round 5

Oh, man, the toughest week to call yet! The Leftovers, Better Call Saul, and Fargo all had particularly good weeks, and we still have to rank them for some inane, arbitrary reason. Who will be king/queen of the week? Also, we give an update on HBO’s Silicon Valley (00:09:36) before signing off for the week.