Direct – Quentin Tarantino – Django Unchained

Our tour of Tarantino lands on his masterful south/western legend of a former slave named Django, and his precocious mentor, Shultz. This film is like a master class in Tarantino-isms. It has bad people doing bad things, primal justice, revenge fantasies, QT’s company of actors, and memorable dialogue. It’s a great introduction into Tarantino’s wild west, where his next film will take place. Join us next week for The Hateful Eight.

Direct – Quentin Tarantino – Death Proof

Death Proof is supposed to be so bad it’s good — but does it actually achieve the “good” part? This week, Eric and Levi discuss one of Tarantino’s most divisive films, with a little help from their friend from Germany. The talk explores which characters are likable, the merits of practical effects, and the actors that make Tarantino sing. Join us next week for Inglourious Basterds.