Bald Movies – Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

Jim and I saw a movie about giant robots punching even bigger monsters, and it was even dumber than we thought it would be.  Jim and I have no small amount of affection for the first Pacific Rim.  But hoo-boy, Pacific Rim: Uprising might up the robot on monster punching action slightly, but removes all of the spunk and charm of the original to give us a loud, boring, and thoroughly by the numbers action movie.  My 11 year old loved it, though, so if you have one of those around, or are one of those in heart and mind, by all means, don’t let us stop you from seeing Pacific Rim 2. Everybody else should steer well clear.

Direct – Guillermo del Toro – Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is a stupid fun action flick with big monsters punching big robots in their big faces. It’s a fun, if inconsistent ride through a detailed and expansive mythos. What it lacks in story, character, and (sometimes) logic, it makes up for in PUNCHING MONSTERS IN THE  FACE!!!* Monster + Punch = FACE!!!

*Monsters were punched in the face in the making of this movie.

Personal Arrogants

Personal Arrogants – Episode 154: Linguistics

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