Lunch with Jim & A.Ron: Reheated – LWJ&A – Episode 11: “Fun with Commissioned Podcasts”

In Episode #11, originally aired on 1.9.15:

Jim and A.Ron discuss their various Commissioned Podcast projects, the new crowd sourced commissions concept they’re experimenting with in the VIP section of their forums, and the new Best of Bald Move awards/recognition show/series coming out…

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LWJ&A – 11/8/2019

Jim and A.Ron discuss Double Dern Saturday; the launch of our new network Swizzbold; advice for Tesla owners; city living vs. country living; Apple+ support devices; sleep hygiene; AirBNB scams; famous or interesting genealogy; advice on dealing with grief; finding Jim’s holy grail; movies we don’t remember; our favorite movie scenes; closing out actors; the Colour Out of Space trailer; best of the decade; when is the right time to start Christmas; advice on starting a family; finally, housekeeping on housekeeping.