510 – She Gets Revenge

You guys! LIZ AND IRIS 2016!! Cecily and A.Ron really had a lot of fun with the latest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “She Gets Revenge”. We ponder the afterlife of glampires, our irrational love of “HOTLINEBLING”, the perils of bringing a sword to a gun fight, heartwarming reunions that will probably sour after the break, and tons of email including more background info from our undercover Hollywood informant “Deep Throat” before we wish ya’ll a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2016!

510 – Mother’s Mercy

Jim and A.Ron weight the merits of the season five finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones; episode 510 entitled “Mother’s Mercy”… We discuss Arya’s punishment for stealing from the Many Faced God, Jaime becoming a father, Stannis’s last stand, Sansa and Theon’s leap of faith, Dany’s dealing with a rebellious Drogon, and the mutiny at the Wall. All this and tons of feedback — AND — this is not over yet. We’ll be back Friday for the final SpoiLORE segment of the season, and next Tuesday for a season five wrap up, where we’ll talk about the season overall, how it stacks up against the previous four, and our hopes, fears, and predictions for next year.

510 – “Them”

It’s “us” against “them” this week in episode 510 of The Walking Dead!  The viewers versus the producers, who will win? Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter Jim and A.Ron discuss the arid conditions of Virginia, Maggie’s grief cycle,…

510 – “Them” – Instant Take

A.Ron and Jim weren’t impressed with the tenth outing of season five of The Walking Dead, “Them”. It was slow, slogging through well worn territory of dealing with loss and grief and acceptance of the way the world is rather than the way the world should be. On the other hand, we got some cool zombie kung-fu via a nifty bridge sequence, and somebody finally told Gabriel to shut the EFF up already, so there’s that. What did you think! Tell us, because the full cast is coming out Tuesday and you just might get on the air!

510 – Buried

Sorry for the delay on the release, we had some nasty technical problems, but here we are with our complete coverage of this week’s episode of “Breaking Bad”, entitled “Buried”. We talk a lot about Skyler’s breaking bad, Hank’s poor handing of his interrogation, Walt’s superhuman digging ability, Marie’s stone slab slap, and Walt’s face vs. a linoleum floor. All this plus your feedback, voicemails, and some light spoilers in the spoiler section.