Stranger Things 2 Wrap Up!

Jim and A.Ron are still feeling the love for Netflix’s Stranger Things 2, as we go through the mailbag and return to Hawkins, Indiana one last time until Stranger Things 3!  We discuss interesting death theories, differing opinions on episode 207, D’art Demogorgon theories, growing up a geek girl in the 80s, and much more.

209 – Chapter Nine: The Gate

We conclude our epic Stranger Things marathon — which really has been a month long obsession — with the spectacular, extremely fulfilling, finale of season two, “The Gate”.  Maybe you can say the climax is a rehash of last year.  But everything else works in just the way you’d hope and hits all the right emotional and character notes and feels so satisfying that it feels mean spirited to harp on a quibble here or there.  We feel that this was the perfect follow up the the original Stranger Things, and in the Duffer Bros. we trust.  Thanks for coming along on this ride with us.  Can’t wait until next time!

203 – Chapter Three: The Pollywog

Well, that was just about the most horrifying thing we’ve ever seen.  And I’ll tell you something else, we trust that D’artagnan about as much as we trust Bob’s advice for dealing with critters from the upside down.  Our first day of binge watching Stranger Things season 2 draws to a close!  We’ll be back tomorrow for more!