Breaking Good – 401 – “Boxcutter”

The long wait is over! Season four of our favorite morally ambiguous crystal meth chemistry show is back, and Jim and A.Ron are all over it.  After a bit of showkeeping and news, the guys break down the episode in detail.

How concerned is Gus with purity, really?  How effective can a bodyguard be when his sinus cavities are obviously packed full of meat and he is constantly suffering from a series of elaborate heart attacks? How much fun did the practical effects guys have with the blood and gore with this episode?  What did Jesse really mean by "now we're on the same page?"  How are Gale's "lab notes" going to play out from this point on? All these questions and more are pondered and explored.

After a brief musical interlude, we check out next week's preview, and dish some spoilers and speculation.  Nothing too intense this week, but please make sure you turn the cast off at the music if you don't want to be spoiled whatsoever.

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