Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News — Tuesday 07/19/11 Edition

Kind of a light news day, which I expect going forward.  I mean, there is no shortage of one-note reviews that don’t break any new ground, rehashed quotes from Gilligan and the cast, etc, but I’m trying to only post new and noteworthy stuff.  But if you can’t get enough and you want to just drink from the firehose, be my guest!

Of course the first thing I want to bring your attention to is Episode 3 of Breaking Good, where we cover everything having to do with the  season premier episode “Boxcutter”.  We’ve been using the SXXEXX notation to track which show we’re talking about, but I noticed AMC uses “401” to denote this show, so I’m switching to that system and will retrofit our archives and forum topics to match.  Also, if you guys could at all throw us some 5 star review love at iTunes, we’d sure appreciate the support.

I found this to be an interesting read by Andrew Wallenstein  over at Variety, where he explores the choice for Denny’s to pay AMC for product placement as the place where meth slinging murders go after a long night of killing, cooking, and corpse disposal.  From the source: “what was Denny’s thinking? As brand integrations go, it was either ballsy or stupid.”  I’m going with ballsy… and awesome.  I was jonesing for a Grand Slam and seasoned fries the whole time!  What do you guys think?

Steven Zeitchik with the LA Times explores what Vince Gilligan might do post-Breaking Bad.   To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about the comedy scripts pitched here, one seeming like a mash up of Clerks and Superbad, and one a warmed over copy of Jim Carrey’s Me, Myself and Irene.  But then he says, “I’d really like to do a western, something really hard-edged,” and I’m totally on board with that.  As he says in the article, that’s what Breaking Bad essentially is, and for him to do the full up cinematic wild west treatment would be very exciting for me.

Finally, we have very good news from Sam Morgan with  “a lot of people turned out to watch the episode — 2.6 million, to be exact.”  I could care less how popular Breaking Bad is, per se, but it being popular makes it more likely to be renewed so we can have a satisfying conclusion to the series.  Not to mention a bigger audience for Breaking Bad means a bigger audience for Breaking Good.  Okay, maybe I should care more.

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