Bald Move Prestige – The Man from Earth (2007)

Thanks go to Dan G, perhaps better known as the forum denizen DancesWithWookies, has selected the 2007 minimalist sci-fi/philosophic film “The Man from Earth” for his commissioned podcast.  Directed by Richard Schenkman and written by the late Jerome Bixby, it asks us to entertain the idea of a 14,000 year old paleolithic man who has managed to adapt and survive to our modern day.  His winding tale through history may intrigue or infuriate you, depending on your appetite for detail or willingness to engage with the ideas and concepts of the film, and move beyond the limitations of it’s budget and construction.   A.Ron thinks that if you find the film intriguing, you man enjoy Christopher Moore’s “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff”, which is a more lighthearted, yet deeper dive into one of the film’s core theories.

Thanks again for sharing your movie with us, Dan!  If you’d like to commission your very own podcast, check out the commissioned podcast section of our shop.

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