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The Because Show – Ep 62 – Sex and Money

Huh. The more we talk about sex, the more listeners we get! Well, it’s not just a play for better stats when we continue to demystify bodily fluids – it’s 3rd wave feminism! And money too, everybody likes to hear us talk about cold hard cash, right? Listener Elizabeth calls in with a revealing message…

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Up Yours, Downstairs! – Our Sigil Is A Wet Blanket

In their final super-sized Downton Abbey recap for this season, Kelly and Tom finally catch up with the rest of the world as the events of “Journey to the Highlands” unfold.  They chat about Lady Mary’s magically disappearing baby bump, the Crawley House motto, Branson’s Home Alone experience, Rose’s side-boob, haggis hats, O’Brien’s utterly terrifying Scottish counterpart, the long-awaited…

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The Because Show – Ep 61 – Splooosh!

G-spot play, Stephen King news AND bug-out bags are just some of the things we talk about in this episode. WARNING: this episode gets frank. Boris of the infamous  ‘Boris and Doris’ podcast enlightens us in the ways of ‘g-spot play’. Whaaaaaa? Is this something that everyone does or just a unique subset? Also, bug…

News – Bald Move Contest

To celebrate the expansion of the Bald Move podcast network we’re going to pay it forward to our listeners with our first official giveaway, the chance to win a Kindle Fire!

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Watching Dead – 310 – “Home”

In this week’s action packed recap, Jim and A.Ron discuss the merits of batshit crazy Rick, the Ricktatorship’s looming threat of Glennsurrection, the merit’s of the Governor’s tactical battle plan, Daryl’s epic zombie kill by way of Subaru, and the complexities of Glenn and Maggie’s post-abduction relationship.  All this and plenty of your feedback, too!…