Watching Westworld – 105 – Contrapasso

Looks like multiple timelines is back on the menu!  Just when we had completely written of the various timeline theories, they come roaring back in episode 105, “Contrapasso”.  Not saying that any theory at this point is on entirely solid ground, but let’s just say we’ve got our laser-based satellite receivers aimed squarely at Orion’s belt. The point is a lot went down this episode.  El Lazo turns out to be Lawerence,  Dolores comes out slingin’, Elsie’s pounding Bernard’s desk with bloody robot parts, and Dr. Ford has a personal showdown with the mysterious Man in Black. Lots of stuff to be read into this week, and we spend a good amount of time doing just that.  Plus, tons of feedback on evolution, ethics, and genitalia!

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