Watching Westworld – 103 – The Stray

Jim and A.Ron try to round up Westworld’s latest episode, “The Stray”, but corralling the big ideas this show brings to the table is proving to be quite a challenge.  We appreciate the focus on the “human” element of Westworld, getting much more backstory for Bernard and Dr. Ford.  But how straight a shooter is Dr. Ford?  How much of his tale is fact, and how much of it carefully curated legend, intended to deceive both Bernard and the audience?  Wheels within wheels!

Speaking of mysteries.  Here’s that Westworld promo poster we talked about in the podcast.  Note the maze imagery to the center-left.  Sure looks like a blood red arroyo to me…

Don’t forget, this is your final reminder that we’ll be at the Rocket City Nerd Con this weekend in Huntsville, AL.  Tickets are still available! We’ll be at the kick off event at Yellowtail Brewing on Friday night, and appearing in panels and at our booth throughout the weekend.  Come hang out with us!

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