Watching Westworld – 102 – Chestnut

Jim and A.Ron have a lot to say about the second episode of HBO’s new hit series, Westworld, entitled “Chestnut”.  We talk a lot about the developing characters and mysteries of the show, trying to figure out what Bernard and Dr. Ford are up to, while trying to understand the motives and mind of Dolores.  Along the way, we find out surprising things about each other, like our true feelings about dusty old prospectors found lying in the street.  It’s quiet beautiful, really.  And hey, we got lots of feedback, theories, and analysis by our dashing and witty listeners!

As mentioned in the podcast, we’re going to be at Rocket City Nerd Con down in the Rocket City itself, Huntsville, AL the weekend of October 22-23rd.  We recorded a silly promo video for it!  We’ll be there all weekend hosting panels and trying our best to make you happy.  Within limits!  You psychos, what kind of operation do you think this is, Delos, Inc?!  Hope to see you down there!

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