Watching Dead – 712 – Say Yes

Jim and A.Ron are reasonably pleased with the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “Say Yes”.  After many long years, TWD finally found a way to have a philosophical argument about “why we fight” and “what’ it’s like out there” and “this is the way the world works” that doesn’t actually involve any of those words, and inserts a few new ones, “hope” and “future”.  The fact that it goes down between Rick and Michonne, characters with chemistry that we actually care about, makes it that much sweeter.  But then there’s some dodgy action, and that whole mess with Rosita, and literal garbage people, and you know?  Our feelings are complicated.

Don’t forget! Jim’s throwing a burrito party and everybody is invited!  Come by 16-Bit, OTR’s premiere barcade experience between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday, March 18th.  We’ll both be on hand, the drinks and bits will be flowing, and burritos will be rolling while supplies last.  Come out and say, “hi!”

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