Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast – 616 – Last Day on Earth

Jim and A.Ron struggle to comprehend and understand the bizarre cliffhanger choice of the season six finale of The Walking Dead, “Last Day on Earth”.  But to be honest, the problems don’t begin and end there.  Which is not to say there’s not good stuff; Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan was awesomely… Negan.  There was some genuine suspense and dread built as our RV full of heroes slowly felt the noose tighten around their neck.  And then this tension was let out as artfully as a air out a whoopee cushion because, lest you forget, this is The Walking Dead. Tons of analysis and feedback headed your way, and don’t forget, we’re coming back next week for a season wrap up and review.  How are we moving on?  What do we expect?  Is there a way they can mishandle this even worse going forward, or can the creative side defeat the evils of AMC’s marketing and social media strategy and prevail?  Tell us about it using the links below.

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