Justified - 612 – “Collateral”

Aside from our very high expectations, we discuss Raylan’s crossing the outlaw line, and what that will mean for Art, Tim, and Rachel, Vasquez’s impotence, Boyd’s third explosive encounter for the season, Duffy’s new mobile dog washing business plan, empty chambers, and Sam Elliot turning up the vocal gravel to 11. Can’t wait for next Tuesday, and don’t forget to send in any Justified season overall opinions or series final thoughts, as we’ll be wrapping up our coverage next week! See you then.

Justified - 611 – “Fugitive Number One”

Jim and A.Ron were gobsmacked by the latest Justified, episode 611 entitled “Fugitive Number One”… Yost shamed us for all our criticism by deploying a pulse pounding, shocking, awesome, and very tight hour that sets the table beautifully for an epic final two episodes. What more could you want as a fan of Justified. On that note, we discuss our fraudulent fandom, Mikey, er, I mean Michael’s amazing change of heart, Raylan being at a loss for words, his healthy fear of Art, and ponder who the most dangerous man in Harlan is at the moment. All this, your feedback, and lots more!

Justified - 610 – “Trust”

This podcast for Justified episode 610, “Trust”, asks whether Justified is going to go out with a bang or a whimper? It’s not like we don’t trust the Yost with the most, but with three episodes again, it’s already pandemonium in Harlan, and where do we go from here? We discuss Boone’s fascination with fashion, get a glimpse of where Loretta got the steel in her spine (turns out, it wasn’t all Mags’ tutelage), wonder how Boyd is going to be relevant to the story going forward, and are frustrated with AUSA Vasquez’s claim that Ava is going right back to jail. All this, some healthy feedback, and some interesting suggestions on how to revitalize Kentucky’s horse racing tradition.

Justified - 609 – “Burned”

Rats are outed, young’uns step up, Boyd is unchained, Seabass gets his severance package, Raylan meets a dangerous man with questionable bangs and dispenses medical advice, while Mikey learns a hard lesson about life. All this and your feedback with the latest speculation and theories!

Justified - 608 – “Dark as a Dungeon”

Justified catches it’s breath in episode 608, entitled “Dark as a Dungeon”… Even as some plots get neatly tied up, others get murkier. We discuss Raylan’s fascination with Boyd’s balls, the relative importance of who gets reward money, Raylan’s determination to Leave Harlan Alive, and offer full coverage of every snitch theory known to man, and invent a few of our own! All this and your feedback, no goat sacrifice required!