Justified - 608 – “Dark as a Dungeon”

Justified catches it’s breath in episode 608, entitled “Dark as a Dungeon”… Even as some plots get neatly tied up, others get murkier. We discuss Raylan’s fascination with Boyd’s balls, the relative importance of who gets reward money, Raylan’s determination to Leave Harlan Alive, and offer full coverage of every snitch theory known to man, and invent a few of our own! All this and your feedback, no goat sacrifice required!

Justified - 607 – “The Hunt”

A.Ron and Jim discuss screaming babies, debate Raylan’s suitability in any sort of relationship, Boyd’s psycho-sexual interrogation trip to his father’s hunting cabin, Art and Tim getting more solid gold scenes and one liners, and wonder when or if they’ll finally figure out how to let Rachel have some fun.

Justified - 606 – “Alive Day”

Jim and A.Ron are loving the final season, and have a lot to say about the latest installment, episode 606, “Alive Day”. We discuss the awesome portrayal and poignant end of Choo Choo, Avery Markham experience sudden muscle loss, a possible re-contextualizing of Ava’s crazy get out of Harlan escapade from last episode, Boyd’s near death experience, and just who the hell is the mole in the Hale case, anyway? All this, and much more, including plenty of feedback and theories from our fellow fans.

Justified - 605 – “Sounding”

In this episode 605 of FX’s Justified, “Sounding”, the show takes a quick breather to setup the next round of plot developments while still managing to throw us in some fan-red-meat in the form of Constable Bob and Limehouse.  A few things we were aplexed about; Ava playing the hapless damsel in distress routine in particular was not a good look for her.  Other topics discuss include the various types of “damps” one can encounter in a mineshaft, Choo Choo’s impending Steinbeck moment, Bob’s fully armed and operational balls, Boyd paying a visit to an in-law, and the intriguing rift in the Ty / Avery alliance.  That’s to say nothing of our theory on Loretta ruling the Harlan necropolis via the might of Apple Pie, nor all the great feedback we got!

Justified - 604 – “The Trash and The Snake”

Justified episode 604, “The Snake and The Trash” was one of the best episodes in recent memory, and continues a very strong run for the final sixth season. The Yost with the Most commits to serious, hard core fan servicing, as we get explosive surprises, including the return of Dickie and Loretta.It keeps getting harder and harder to pick a line of the week as Raylan, Boyd, Tim, Ava, Art, and the whole cast keeps being on point. Hope you’re having as much fun with this season as we are!