Justified – 612 – “Collateral”

Justified’s penultimate episode, 612, “Collateral”, set even more pieces in motion to resolve in the finale, and it’s hard to believe they can resolve them all with just one more hour to go. As you know, we’ve doubted Yost before, but no more. We’re keeping the faith…

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Aside from our very high expectations, we discuss Raylan’s crossing the outlaw line, and what that will mean for Art, Tim, and Rachel, Vasquez’s impotence, Boyd’s third explosive encounter for the season, Duffy’s new mobile dog washing business plan, empty chambers, and Sam Elliot turning up the vocal gravel to 11. Can’t wait for next Tuesday, and don’t forget to send in any Justified season overall opinions or series final thoughts, as we’ll be wrapping up our coverage next week! See you then.