Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 611 – Knots Untie

We’re not sure what got untied in last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Knots Untie”, but nevertheless it was another pretty good episode that clearly and confidently moved the action forward as it gave more depth and color to characters that sorely needed it. Join us for a discussion of crops, creepy leaders, the wisdom of post apocalyptic procreation, tons of feedback, and a healthy spoiler section after the outro music.

Justified - 611 – “Fugitive Number One”

Jim and A.Ron were gobsmacked by the latest Justified, episode 611 entitled “Fugitive Number One”… Yost shamed us for all our criticism by deploying a pulse pounding, shocking, awesome, and very tight hour that sets the table beautifully for an epic final two episodes. What more could you want as a fan of Justified. On that note, we discuss our fraudulent fandom, Mikey, er, I mean Michael’s amazing change of heart, Raylan being at a loss for words, his healthy fear of Art, and ponder who the most dangerous man in Harlan is at the moment. All this, your feedback, and lots more!