Fargo - 106 – Buridan’s Ass

Welcome to our coverage of Fargo episode 106, “Buridan’s Ass!” This week, we discuss white out conditions, make fun of French philosophers, and get into a heated debate regarding acts of god involving fish. All this, plus another light dusting of feedback, plus our now weekly discussion of Mormon theology. Enjoy!

Fargo - 105 – The Six Ungraspables

Welcome to our coverage of Fargo episode 105, “The Six Ungraspables!” This week we have a special guest host, resident Fargophile Eric Wahlquist of Personal Arrogants infamy! We talk about Lorne as an unstoppable evil / hairy goat demon / angel of death, the death of the psychosomatic wound theory with a possible rebirth, the possibly grim meaning of Gus’s last name, and is Bill a dirty small town cop, or just really that thick? All this, plus a light dusting of feedback, in a extra-sized half-assed cast!

24 - 903 – “Day 9: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.”

24:  Live Another Day has gone into Insanity Wolf mode and it’s only the third hour.  Kate’s kidnapping British Nationals, Jack’s kneecapping them, and I’m pretty sure I just saw President Heller shit himself in front of Parliament. Meanwhile Catlyn Stark has stolen a weapon platform capable of unleashing 60 hellfire missiles on the populace of London… if only her son can find a motherboard with a VESA Local Bus slot on it.  We discuss all this and more!

Fargo - 104 – Eating the Blame

In this podcast, we discuss Fargo episode 104, “Eating the Blame”. A.Ron and Jim talk about hand wounds, the increasing Jokerfication of Lorne and their various feelings about that, the troubled relationship of Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench, the ties between the movie and the television show, and a special segment from our resident Fargophile, Eric from the Personal Arrogants podcast. All this plus a light dusting of your feedback!

Fargo - 103 – A Muddy Road

Catch Jim, A.Ron, and special guest contributor Eric from our brother-cast Personal Arrogant’s thoughts on the latest episode of Fargo, “A Muddy Road”. What do spiders, Sioux Falls, and Jewish culture have to do with a series of brutal homicides in America’s mid-west? Damned if we know, but boy do we want answers!

Fargo - 102 – The Rooster Prince

Have you ever seen a menacing shit? Jim and A.Ron have, and it was terrifying. Aside from threatening bathroom behavior, the guys talk about the horror of being put into an ice hole, dinks and leptons, the efficacy of flashbacks, the Supermarket King and his royal court, and bullying postal workers. All this and plus a light smattering of feedback. Hope to see you back next week!