24 – 903 – “Day 9: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.”

24:  Live Another Day has gone into Insanity Wolf mode and it’s only the third hour.  Kate’s kidnapping British Nationals, Jack’s kneecapping them, and I’m pretty sure I just saw President Heller shit himself in front of Parliament. Meanwhile Catlyn Stark has stolen a weapon platform capable of unleashing 60 hellfire missiles on the populace of London… if only her son can find a motherboard with a VESA Local Bus slot on it.  We discuss all this and more!

Since this series will be covered exclusively in Instant Take format, we’re probably not going to be reading a lof of email.  You’ll have better luck using Facebook, or Twitter, and we plan on rounding up the best stuff at the end of each podcast.  But, if you insist, you can try sending longer form stuff to 24@baldmove.com.

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