Fear The Watching Dead - 104 – Not Fade Away

Jim and A.Ron mourn the loss of their nine days of end-of-civilization goodness they were confronted with in episode 104, “Not Fade Away”. We discuss the softer side of Team Barbershop, Madison’s potentially not-so-secret past as an alcoholic, the flimsy, one dimensional banality of evil represented by Lt. Moyer, and debate a few theories of what we’ll discover on arrival at the nearby military hospital facility. All this and tons of great community feedback, coming your way.

Fear The Watching Dead - 103 – The Dog

A.Ron and Jim tear into “The Dog” like a starving neighborhood zombie tears into… uh, a dog. In the arms of the angel… fly away from here… Lots of stuff to say about episode 103, including our groundbreaking Travis = Lori theory, speculation about Daniel “Team Barbershop’s” El Salvador background, a debate about whether Monopoly is the worst boardgame of all time, and a “creepy Chris” theory.  All this and tons of feedback from your fellow fans!

Fear The Watching Dead - 103 – The Dog – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron dish out their off the cuff take on the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead. We discuss our love of Team Barbershop, our growing desire for an old fashioned fiesta for Team Travis, zombie vs dog combat, and much more. We’ll be back Tuesday with our typical full coverage podcast for the episode, and in the mean time send us feedback using the links below! We just might read it on air!