Direct - David Fincher – House of Cards 101 & 102

We broke the rules! We’re bringing you bonus Fincher coverage from the first two episodes of House of Cards. Fincher’s ground-breaking streaming television series brings the same tension as his cinematic pursuits to the small screen. It contains many Fincher-isms, call backs to his films, and an epic foreshadowing scene. Entertaining stuff.

Direct - David Fincher – Gone Girl

Gone Girl is three movies in one. At one point, it’s a mystery. Then, it turns into a thriller. Then, a melodrama. But what really makes this movie is its masterful villain. Gone Girl has one of the best antagonists caught on film. The movie is able to take a fantastical plot and ground it in cold, comfortable, plodding dread. It is a testament to the quality that Fincher demands of his work. Bravo.

Direct - David Fincher – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a warm, fuzzy Forest-Gumpian tale of a deadbeat dad and his deadbeat dad son. Fincher’s take on this (very loose) F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation is a departure of sorts from his thriller-tinged canon thus far. This is Fincher at his most romantic, and even still he manages to inject action, humor and slick, stylized camera work into the mix. It’s a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Direct - David Fincher – Zodiac

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Direct - David Fincher – Panic Room

Panic Room is a balanced thriller with great pacing, excellent characters, and top-notch performances. It’s a movie that puts you in a big house and makes it feel claustrophobic. Fincher continues with his “making the big feel small” theme and delivers a beautify, clippy experience. It’s a fun watch.

Direct - David Fincher – Fight Club

Fight Club. It is a big-time interesting cinematic experience that will keep your mind spinning. Fincher goes back to the mind-f*** well and this one’s a doozy. What’s real? What’s admirable? What’s B.S.? This movie could be torn apart, theorized and opined upon for hours, but we only have one. Give it a listen and give us your take.

Direct - David Fincher – The Game

The Game is a twisty-turney, paranoid ride through a Wonderland world. Trust no one. Ultimately the film is undoubtedly entertaining, and undoubtedly Fincher, but how do the pieces ultimately come together? Is this a game for the ages, or a contest to forget? Probably somewhere in the middle.