PowerPlay - Resurrection – Episode 1

Do my eyes deceive me?  Nah.. it can’t be!  Does that say POWER PLAY?!  That’s right kids your favorite gaming show of all time is BACK!  It’s been a long time coming but your patience will be rewarded with this first official re-launch episode of PowerPlay! In this weeks episode we introduce the long time…

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder - Watersports – Episode 46

I know what you’re thinking. This is the Blue Yonder crew. I’m NOT listening to any damn thing that is tagged “watersports!” I know! I know. But listen, it’s not about what you’re thinking. Mostly not. Maybe a little? But it’s totally in a video game context, so I’m sure you can deal. If not, I have several really excellent therapists I can refer you to.

Blue Yonder

Shawnimal Ninja Contest!

As announced in episode 44, we’re running a promotion; bring us the heads friendship of you and four other friends to our facebook page and we’ll send you a free plush ninja for your trouble.

Here’s how it works. Visit our facebook page and “like” us. Get four of your friends to do the same. Hell, they don’t even have to listen! Then send us an email saying who your friends were, what color ninja you want, and where you want the deadly assassin sent. The USPS does the rest!