Quit Yer Pitchin’ – S02E11

Welcome to the season finale of Quit Yer Pitchin’! This is a podcast where Jim and I, using tools created for the purpose, randomly generate a title for a fictional TV show. We then pitch ideas to each other based on what that show would be like if it were real. We like to call it, “Quit Yer Pitchin’!”  On this episode we pitch…

2-Bit Encryption - A Mr. Robot Podcast - 211 – eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z

Jim’s getting impatient with Mr. Robot’s stubborn refusal to give him answers, and found the multiplication of questions in this latest episode maddening. A.Ron is just excited to get to the robots, time travel, and bullet time fueled kung fu fighting. Who’s right? Will Mr. Robot satisfy our need to know in the final episode, or will it punt all substantial questions and resolution of plot lines until next season? See you next week to find out!

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 211, 212, 213 – .380, The Dark at the End of the Tunnel, A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen

Jim and A.Ron blitz through the final three episodes (“.380”, “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel”, and “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”) of Netflix’s Daredevil and fight hundreds of mystic ninja warriors just so we can get our takes and yours out while they’re still hot. Ultimately, we’re conflicted, as overall this is a strong (but not stronger) follow up to the promise of the first season, but there are enough dangling threads and murky motivations and plot points to be as frustrating as it is satisfying.

Breaking Good - 211 – Mandala

Welcome to our coverage of Breaking Bad episode 211, “Mandala”! This is a pivotal episode in Breaking Bad history, and Jim and A.Ron go almost two hours on a very deep dive, discussing among other things our “heroin; not even once” personal philosophy, the rapid deterioration of both Jane… and Jesse’s apartment, say goodbye to our friend Combo, and get philosophical about the Buddhist concept of “mandala”. It’s a superior and meaningful episode of Breaking Bad, and we got a lot of feedback, and one of the healthiest spoiler sections we’ve had for awhile. Enjoy!

Orange is the New Cast - 211 – “Take A Break From Your Values”

Nina Perez from Project Fandom joins me again to break down episode 211 of Orange is the New Black, “Take A Break From Your Values”.  It features the surprising backstory of Sister Ingalls, and raises a lot of questions about racial relations, treatment of the elderly, right to self determination, and the coexistence of nudity…