Fear The Watching Dead - 103 – The Dog

A.Ron and Jim tear into “The Dog” like a starving neighborhood zombie tears into… uh, a dog. In the arms of the angel… fly away from here… Lots of stuff to say about episode 103, including our groundbreaking Travis = Lori theory, speculation about Daniel “Team Barbershop’s” El Salvador background, a debate about whether Monopoly is the worst boardgame of all time, and a “creepy Chris” theory.  All this and tons of feedback from your fellow fans!

Fear The Watching Dead - 103 – The Dog – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron dish out their off the cuff take on the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead. We discuss our love of Team Barbershop, our growing desire for an old fashioned fiesta for Team Travis, zombie vs dog combat, and much more. We’ll be back Tuesday with our typical full coverage podcast for the episode, and in the mean time send us feedback using the links below! We just might read it on air!

Better Cast Saul - 103 – Nacho

Relax, everyone on the internet! Jim finally is pleased with an episode of Better Call Saul… In the series third outing, we get a hint of the plot that’s going to be moving perhaps a good chuck of the rest of the season, as Jimmy McGill and a huge bag of ill gotten funds finally meet. How we got to that point is interesting too, as we bear witness to the demise of Slipping Jimmy, get hints about the nature of Jimmy and Kim’s relationship, and see the genesis of a more congenial relationship between Mike and the man who will one day be called Saul. And sex robots! All this, a ton of feedback, and the barest whiff of a spoiler section that morphs into an impromptu Bald Move TV segment. Just, a lot of stuff happens on this podcast. Enjoy!