Super Serious Film Fest – “Season of the Cage” Trailer

Check out the trailer for season one of Super Serious Film Fest, a.k.a Season of the Cage!

Super Serious Film Fest is our themed series of movie reviews. This season covers the best and the worst of Nic Cage, the summer and winter of his career, in what we’re calling “Season of the Cage”.

Premieres this Thursday, Oct. 25th 2018.

Each week for the next 6 weeks we’ll be watching a Nicolas Cage movie and giving our in-depth review, free for everyone. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the video version or to the podcast feed for the audio version.

Only for Club Bald Move members, we’ll also be providing various bonus features, including things like movie rewrites and a retrospectus on Nicolas Cage’s career.

Finally, for Club Bald Move members we’re also releasing a pre-recorded LiveWatch for each of the movies we cover.

All of the video content will be available (with some modifications) in audio form by subscribing to the Super Serious Film Fest podcast feed.  The bonus features and livewatches, of course, will only be available in the club-exclusive premium podcast feeds.

You can find all of the Super Serious Film Fest club features on the website by clicking “Club Content” in the main navigation menu or searching the website for “Super Serious Film Fest”. If you’re not already a club member, visit the Club Bald Move landing page to find out how to get all the club content.

During the sweltering summer of this first season we’ll be covering three of Nic’s best movies:

  • The Rock
  • The Weather Man
  • Adaptation

And when the frigid winds blow and summer turns to winter, we’ll finish up with three of his worst:

  • Con Air
  • Vampire’s Kiss
  • Season of the Witch