Empire Business – Advertising

We’re starting a new feature designed to give you a more transparent look into the day to day decisions and inner workings of the Bald Move empire, exclusively for our club members.  In honor of one of the all-time great series and the one that gave us our start, we’re calling it Empire Business.  It isn’t meant to be a regular weekly feature, it’s more of a “whenever we have something interesting to talk about and remember to turn the mics on” kind of thing.  This episode covers podcast advertising.  How it works, what are the unique challenges that Bald Move faces when securing advertising, and our plans for the future.  We hope you enjoy it.

Apologies to Joe over at Late Night Linux for losing our interview with him.  Joe has been helping us this past year improve our advertising game, and runs a podcast about Linux that you should definitely check out.  Sorry Joe, we’ll get you back on for the next one.

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