Lunch with Jim & A.Ron: Reheated – Episode 43 – Insomnia, Streaming, Chia Disaster

In Episode #43, originally aired on 09.24.15:

In this week’s episode, we learn that Jim is a horrible plant daddy, that A.Ron’s sleep has been Taken, and the guys have some petty First World problems with various streaming services as they hint at some future projects and features coming to Club Bald Move. Check out the ShowGoers.TV site if you’re interested in the remote shared streaming solution we discussed today. It’s free!

You can find the original link here.  For current lunch episodes, join the forums to ask questions with fellow club members here or use #baldlunch on Twitter!

Club members get access to a live recording of Lunch with Jim & A.Ron every Friday at 1pm, where members get to ask questions in real time. On the fifth anniversary of Lunch with Jim & A.Ron, we started reheating previous lunch episodes and making them available to the public for the first time.

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