HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast – “Gods of Thrones” Vol. 2 Preview Podcast #2!

A.Ron and Anthony are back to talk Game of Thrones and Gods of Thrones! This week we discuss the curious coincidence of Stark children warging, how the British legend of Bran the Blessed could tie into the fate of Brandon Stark, and how Jaqen H’ghar functions as a literary genie of the bottle. Listener, you ain’t never had a friend like him. If you enjoyed our discussion, please check out where you can purchase the first volume of Gods of Thrones, as well as get a bunch of really cool merch emblazoned with amazing, original, exclusive art inspired by the world of GRRM!

Anthony came up with a fun little quiz to see what Game of Thrones religion would fit you best. We are not responsible for any resultant merging with tree gods or shadow babies.

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