HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast – 805 – The Bells

It’s time to have a family discussion about Game of Thrones episode 805, “The Bells”. Because we’re all up in arms about it and we can’t agree if it’s the best, most satisfying episode or the worst ever. It’s notoriously hard to be objective about a subjective opinion, but we try our level best. Our considered thoughts on Jaime’s arc, the CLEGANEBOWL!!!!, Arya rejecting the call to vengeance, and the Mad Queen Daenerys await you — if you dare! Then we don our asbestos underwear and wade into your feedback on this incredibly divisive episode of #DemThrones. We’ll be back Friday for more thoughts on this episode and what it means for George Martin and his adaptation of the hit television series on the SpoiLore podcast. See you then!

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