HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast – 607 – The Broken Man – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron GOT HYPE!!! for the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “The Broken Man”. Give a listen, and see if you’re hype meter doesn’t peg as well.  So much to like.  Jaime, Olena, and the Blackfish were on point tonight.  The Double Ds built a draw bride.  Some people live, some people die, and then some person is dying?  Another shocker, or audience manipulation?  We’ll have to wait a frustrating 7 days to find out, but in the meanwhile let’s debate!  We’ll be our main cast a day early (Monday afternoon), so it’s off to the races for feedback, and of course we’ll be back Friday to collectively lose our minds in the SpoiLore podcast!

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