Fargo – 310 – Somebody to Love

FX’s Fargo season three draws to a close, with the finale episode, “Somebody to Love”.  In a dramatic twist, everyone who loved season two, which was everyone but Jim and I, absolutely hated this finale.  And yet, the only two people in the known universe that didn’t see season two as a triumph, which, again, us two, loved and liked it respectively.  What the darn tootin’ heck is going on here, anyway?  We found this season of Fargo very much of the time, and appreciated the fact that it allowed us to decide how the plot would resolve, and what to believe, and therefore to look at the world optimistically or fatalistically. Plus, Wrench is just too frigging cool.  We hope everyone who disliked the season will write in and help us understand your pain, and the so far silent admirers will come to our aid, as we have one more week to wrap up the show and our coverage for season three before we, like Varga, fade into the shadows.

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