Har Har Riverdale - 112 – Chapter Twelve – Anatomy of a Murder

It’s the last episode of the season for Rah Rah and Har Har Riverdale, even though the show itself has another hour of story and the final reveal left to go. This episode also serves as a post-mortem on the Bald Move Riverdale experiment with a promise of what’s next and where to look for it.


Har Har Riverdale - 105 – Heart of Darkness

This week we reeled in a couple of live ones, including a one star review and the most patient, fair-minded, three star iTunes reviewer we’ve ever seen on God’s green earth. We also discuss some next-level ideas for similar projects, and Jim revels in his idea for a new recurring feature; a prediction segment where he just literally describes what happens on the “Next Week On” sneak peak.


Har Har Riverdale - 103 – Body Double

Now that we have our first round of inquiries from interested parties, we cover familiar ground of how far is too far with this joke. We announce that we are officially the most popular Riverdale podcast on iTunes with a perfect 5-star rating after 35 reviews. We also got our first negative iTunes review. Sound contradictory? Tune in to find out what’s up.