Breaking Good – Season Six/Five part 2/Whatever Preview Cast

Oh my god it is GOOD TO BE BACK!  With a supercharged season of Breaking Good courtesy our elite cadre of Kickstarter Backers, Jim and I are champing at the bit to get this stuff going, and the result was about an hour and forty minutes of us gabbing about this, the FINAL season of Breaking Bad.

We talk about pre-season hype, pre-season promotions, a character by character analysis of where we left them and predictions for where they’re going, this season’s potential impact on Breaking Bad’s legacy, what we’re excited about, what we’re nervous about, and lots and lots of thoughts, questions, theories, and predictions from you, the listener.

Take care before proceeding into the spoiler section, as we have surprise casting news, episode by episode break down of all of the final season’s titles, a brief synopsis of each, with a bit of analysis thrown in.  But, in an experiment, I saved the super megawatt spoilers into a google doc without reading them, to selfishly give myself an opportunity to at least enjoy the first episode of the final season spoiler free.  WARNING: Do NOT click on this link unless you want to read an scene by scene break down of the season premier of Breaking Bad.

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