Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Wednesday 07/20/11 Edition

You guys heard our latest cast right?  If not, check it out, I promise it won’t be the worst thing you hear all day.  Also, you’ve responded like heroes yesterday, liking us on Facebook and giving us great reviews on iTunes.  Thank you so much!  Seeing all of the positive feedback makes Jim and I feel just like Walt Jr. watching the donations rolling in.  Ding!  Ding!

Just a quick Breaking Bad News note:  I think I’ve settled to having this posted to the site around noon EST each day.  Hope that saves people some frantic refreshing.  Also, on the rare chance I just have nothing to post or get shot up by two psychotic cousins and am laid up in a hospital, I’ll still at least post a note saying so.  The last thing I want to do is leave you all hanging.  Well, actually, the last thing I want to do is be shot up.  But leaving you all hanging is number 2 on that list.  Practically running neck and neck.  Hit “more” for the news!

First, I’m proud of my partner, Jim.  He went and came up with a really awesome Breaking Bad version of Bingo.  You can randomize the squares and play at home by refreshing the page.  Also, makes a fine drinking game, if your into alcohol poisoning.  Play responsibly!

I can’t believe I forgot to link to Alan Sepinwall’s photographic tour of the sets of Breaking Bad.  He has shots of the White residence, Saul’s law offices, and most impressively, the super lab.  I would love to see it all in person, but this is the next best thing.

In cased you missed it, Bryan Cranston brought Conan O’Brian some meth on his show last night. It always blows me away seeing him in person, because he is so different from Walt.  Jim and I can’t get enough of Walt in his tightie whities, and Bryan literally pulls fruit… uh… from his loom, and Andy partakes.  The the meth comes out.  Honestly, this interview cracked me up.

Bryan is all up in the news today.  AMC had him answer fan questions yesterday.  One highlight, in response to a fan asking about his infamous Pizza toss:  “That was the world’s largest pizza. I had never seen a pizza that big before. It was a real pizza, and they really serve it. And they were prepared with special effects, a lightweight rubber pizza, there was a prop guy ready to pull a fake pizza up to the roof. We had all kinds of things ready to go. But I said, let me just try it. So, I’m coming out and I’m pissed and I fling the pizza and I didn’t even look at it. I fling the pizza and I get in the car and I drive away. And I did all that and I hear clapping as I’m driving back. I look up and there’s the pizza. They said if they had marked where would be the optimal place for the pizza to land, it would be where it landed. One of those freak accidents that’s like “Here it is, we did it! There it is!” And sure enough, they said “let’s do another take,” and it never happened again.”

I almost didn’t link this interview of Bryan by Alex Strachan, with the Vancouver Sun, as it covers very little new ground.  But then I got to the end, and it has a nice little touch on his relationship with Jesse:  “To me, he’s a bad puppy… Look at that face. It’s so cute.  But he does stupid things. So you have to scold him. I constantly roll a newspaper, you know.”

Saw this on reddit: Someone caught a line from Episode 103 “…And the Bag’s in the River” spoken by Marie that has a dark spin on it, knowing where her character is at now.  As I mentioned on this week’s cast, I am fascinated to see where Hank and Marie’s story is going this year.  Both of their characters have undergone polar shifts. Great article on Giancarlo “Gus Fring” Esposito by Neal Justin at the Kansas City Star today.  It focuses on the many roles he’s played over the years, and his reflections on each, and how they’ve influenced each other.  On Gus:  “I also learned from George C. Scott to make the camera come to you, and not you come to it. That approach allows you to be quieter and act with your face.”  If you can’t get enough Esposito, he’s going to be starring in a new ABC Fantasy Series, “Once Upon A Time”.  Gus as the mirror, mirror on the wall?  Not my usual cup of tea, but I might tune in just to see how he does.

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