TAPS – EP. 8 Blue Yonder: Rise of the Geeks

Over time we have seen many great duos in our history:

Batman and Robin

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Laverne and Shirley

Timmy and Lassie

Doc and Marty Mcfly

Debbie and Dallas

Over the last 2 years a new duo has risen to the surface to usher in a new dawn. No longer does the geek hide from persecution. Jim Jones and Aron Hubbard are blazing up a trail and making history as they lead the forefront of everything geek culture and they don’t look back. They break all the barriers and fight the norm with there smashing hit podcast Blue Yonder! JHatt and Jazzy meet their makers in a raw and in depth interview with the guys from Blue Yonder, the flagship cast at baldmove.com. Find out how they got where they are and what it takes to make an incredible podcast.

Blue Yonder  is an American epic podcast  conceived by Aron Hubbard and Jim Jones. The podcast  has gone on to spawn a podcast network. At 5 casts and growing  including Blue Yonder, Powerplay, The Amazingly Pulp Show, Jonestown Jams, and their newest cast Breaking Good the guys are building an empire with no end on the horizon.

The Amazingly Pulp Show is proud to present Blue Yonder: Rise of the Geeks