Blue Yonder – Sodium Glow – Episode 59

This week we cover a lot of ground; stand up desks, Vibram Five Finger “shoes”, Cloud Girlfriends, a mini-review of Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, nerd fitness updates, feedback from our listeners, update on the Blue Yonder Curse, and finally, Jim Jones makes an epic, not-to-be-missed accent debut in this week’s edition of Stafa’s Corner!

This week’s episode, for some reason, is echoy as shaz.  I don’t know why; I blame Jim’s goddamn hippy lovin’ Apple product.  We apologize for the cavernous audio, and hope to rectify it next week.  Tell ya what, to make it up to you, this week’s cast is ABSOLUTELY FREE!  I know!  What a deal!