Blue Yonder – Salty Freedom – Episode 57

Here’ the deal, loyal listener.  I have no idea what this cast is about, cause I wasn’t a part of recording it.  I’m sure there will be reprisals from bagging on Jim last week, so no matter what cock-and-bull story they come up with, know this:  instead of casting, I was spending quality time with my progeny; introducing Star Wars to him for the first time.  Try holding that one against me.  Try it!  You can’t.  You can feel your black shriveled heart swelling 3x too big just thinking about it.

(Actually, I did that the night before, casting night I took him to his first Pacer’s game.  Decidedly less geeky, and less forgivable.  But I can’t lie to you guys.  At least for more than one paragraph at a time.)

Anyway… the other guys inform me that this week’s cast contains Jim has a break through seeing colors from the Anime spectrum in Beebopian shades for the first time (don’t get the reference?  Check our Geek Colorblind cast, it’s awesome…), discussion of my latest TV passion, “The Wire”, NBC’s , “Community”, Captain Malcolm Reynolds latest vehicle, “Castle”, and Peter’s take after 24 hours with the 3DS.  Enjoy!