Blue Yonder – GENCON Square Down – Episode 75

We are back after last week’s hiatus.  Honestly, I’m heartbroken we lost the Jim Jones Experiment.  It was an hour long mind fuck of yours truly by Jim Jones, and it was weird, it was uncomfortable, it was hilarious by the end, and it would have been legendary, and then Jim deleted it, with no backups.  Because, I dunno?  Mac people don’t make good backups.  I guess?

No use crying over spilled podcasts.  Jim actually is sick, as is his post-convention custom (he has the immune system of a baby bird.  A baby birds with full blown AIDS) so Mad Brew from Mad Brew Labs graciously stepped in to do a wrap up, Blue Yonder style.  We discuss the awesome, the lame, and the fun games we played this weekend.

We talk specifically about Fantasy Flights new Star Wars Mini Space Battles game, Battles of Westeros, Blood Bowl Team Manager, MERCS minis, Third and Long: The Football Card Game, WarMachine, Epic Armory, and lots more.

If you are a Pathfinder fan, be sure to check out Michael’s online character generator, Venture Captain.  It’s free and totally awesome.