Blue Yonder – Prime Intellects – Episode 45

Whoa, whoa! Check out the big brains on Jim and A.Ron! We do the damn thing on technological singularities, the e-novella Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, discuss the Little Big Planet 2 demo, touch ever so lightly on minecraft, declare total victory over Unwarranted Self Importants, and do some listener feedback. There’s some hot pillow biting action too. Something for everyone! Oh, and Amish Friendship Bread is a real thing. And terrifying.

If you enjoyed the singularity/MOPI stuff, we’ve got bonus content for you coming tomorrow in the forums where we turn up the geek to eleven and go plaid tearing into the underlying premise and philosophy.

Oh, don’t forget about our contest, below! We’ve got one winner already! We have three more ninjas to give away…