Blue Yonder – All Natural – Episode 71

Jim and A.Ron always pay their debts.  We owe you a cast, and today we deliver on that promise.  We talk about Florence + The Machine, Battle for Hill 218 (free online version), Battlestar Galactica (board game AND series), that fantastic new HBO series “Game of Thrones” that just finished up it’s first season, A.Ron’s revolutionary idea for a “sincerity” movement, and the surprising news that Kickstarter is the 3rd largest independent comic book publisher.

We finish up with Jim sharing his love for Tim Minchin, some listener feedback, a podcaster pledge, and of course, Stafa’s Corner.  If you liked this week’s episode, drop us a line!  You can also follow us on Twitter, and our Facebook fan page.  If you appreciate what we do, consider leaving us an iTunes review.  And don’t forget our forums!



Jim wanted me to share another link to the free online Dominion game system too.  If you’re into that kind of thing…