Better Cast Saul – 305 – Chicanery

Jim and A.Ron are highly impressed at the high stakes quasi-legal and totally legit familial drama on hand with the latest episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Chicanery”.  A masterclass in acting and dialog, Jimmy has to go three levels deep in scamming to fool Chuck, but he manages to do so, with devastating results.  But how does Jimmy skate given his crimes?  Will this end the blood feud between the brothers?  Will Chuck go darker?  Will Kim get caught in the cross fire?  We discuss all this, plus feedback, and a rather excited spoiler section geeking out over next week’s episode.

Please enjoy the preview for the latest episode of Quit Yer Pitchin’, tucked away at the very end of the podcast, that can be found exclusively on Club Bald Move!

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